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Privacy Policy : Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology
TNI Privacy Policy aims to protect the privacy on personal data, fundamental operation of all activities of the institution, such as student recruitment, teaching and learning management, research and development, HR, and various activities Involving individuals including students, alumni, visitors, etc. Therefore, TNI will regulate the policy in order to ensure the consistency in practice and procedure in administering legally below:
1. The use of Personal Data
TNI will use and collect your personal data only necessary information (in which case you have to make payments through our system We don't store your credit card information.) such as name, surname, photo for the purpose of marketing or other activities. Your personal data will not be taken for sale or distributed to outsider unless have your permission.
2. The Rights to control your Personal Data
For prioritizing your privacy and safeguarding your personal data, you have the rights to permit or prohibit TNI for any using or sharing of your personal data so that we will process as your needs.
3. Security and Handle of Personal Data
For strictly confidence and security of your personal data, TNI has set out policies, rules and regulations within the agencies to determine the rights to access or use your personal data.
4. How to use Cookie
Cookies is the small text file that TNI sent through web browser of the users. When such information is installed into your system, Cookies will enable TNI to remember your preferences until your left out from your device. However, user can terminate the service by deleting Cookies out of your system. Cookies will convenience you to deliver the appropriate content that match your preferred interest. For data which Cookies has recorded and compiled, TNI will analyze or use it for other activities with an aim to our service improvement.
5. Personal Data Protection Policy
TNI has the rights to maintain or revise our privacy policy as appropriated without prior notice. TNI requests users to read well the privacy policy every time when visit our website or use of our services.
If you have any suggestion or iquiries regarding the compliance to our policy, you may contact us as follow:
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