Visit from JICA delegates

24 April 2018

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Bandhit Rojarayanont, President of TNI welcomes JICA delegates to visit TNI. All 16 delegates are headed by Dr.Akio Hosono, Senior Research Advisor of JiCA Research Insitute.  The objective of this visit is to learn about TNI’s curriculum on Kaisen (TPS) through having a look at the Monozukuri Research Center as well as exchange information and opinions with teachers in charge in order to supplement information to JICA’s ongoing joint research with GDN (Global Development Network) on productivity improvement. Mr.Vithinut Phakphonkamin, Head of Industrial Management (IM) and Monozukuri Research Center presents on Kaisen (TPS) and how to boost productivity through Kaisen.


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