TNI welcomed the visit from Laos-Japan Human Resource Development(LJI)

On 28 November 2018, 

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Bandhit Rojarayanont, TNI President and its executives welcomed LJI’s 10th study tour in Thailand.  The study tour comprised of 26 MBA students and 6 LJI staff and experts, total 32 persons, headed by Dr.Phanhpakit ONPHANHDALA, Deputy Director.  This study tour was under technical support by JICA.  TNI arranged them one day visit program, started by morning program for campus tour at TNI and one hour lecture on Japanese Style Management by Asst.Prof.Rungsun Lertnaisat, Dean of Business Administration Faculty.   The afternoon program was to visit Japanese company in Thailand at USUI International Corporation (Thailand), Amata City, Phase 4, Chonburi province in order to learn best practice for LEAN and 5S in Japanese Monozukuri Manangement.


Lecture by Asst.Prof.Rungsun Lertnaisat, Dean of Business Administration Faculty

 At the right side, Mr.VIthinut Phakphonhamin, TNI Lecturer and Head of Monozukuri Research Center, presented sourvenir to thank you USUI International Corporation (Thailand)Co., Ltd.

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