Study Tour for Kochi University of Technology (KUT), 18-21 March,

 TNI held study tour for the group of KUT students, professors and international officers.   This study tour was part of international exchange program which TNI arranged for partner universities who have MOU with TNI.   The program covered variety of activities, lab visits, company visit, and cultural program.  It was the first time that TNI received students from KUT.    They had a light program in the first day to attend the orientation and welcome party.  The second day was a lecture on Relationship and History between Thailand-Japan in the morning and lecture on Future Innovations from Basic Mathematics and Physics and lab visits in the afternoon. They also had a selective program to learn Thai boxing, Thai dance and Thai musical instrument.  Although KUT students had a short time to practice but all of them perform very well on those Thai cultural performance.    The third day was a program to visit Toyota Plant, at Banpho, Chachoengsao Province and visit Klong Suan Market-- one of the Thai traditional floating markets.   As the program passed quickly and ended up on 20 March 2013, so, we hope all 3 days would absolutely remain all good memorable experiences for both sides.  Thank you so much for your attention and see you again next year. 


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