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J-PAC Outline 2022-2023


J-PAC Application Forms 2022-2023


J-PAC Check List 2022-2023


J-PAC_Important Information on Courses 2022-2023


05 J-PAC Course List and Course Descriptions 2022-2023


***Language requirement***

Either 1 or 2 is required for J-PAC. Please refer to the J-PAC Outline.

1. Sufficient level of English (CEFR B2 or higher) + Japanese language learning experience at least for 50 hours

2. Sufficient level of Japanese (JLPT N2 or higher)


***Study period***

1. Full academic year: October to August next year

2. Fall semester only: October to February next year

Note: Students cannot change their study periods after they apply. Please make sure if it is appropriate for them.



For J-PAC 2022 fall

-Nomination deadline at TNI: 18th February, 2022