Warm greetings from Kansai University.  We hope that you stay safe and healthy.  Please let us thank you for your continued support in promotion and success of our programs.  We are so pleased to inform you of the co-joint virtual program with one of our partnership universities, Soochow University in Taiwan this summer continuously.   We would like to offer the opportunity to your students only with a special offer, USD 1,000.  They can select maximum two courses for their preferences either Session One or Session Two dated below.  (The actual fees are USD 3,000 for a course and USD 4,500 for two courses.)   


*Application Deadline – Friday 10 June, 2022 


Program Period: Monday 27 June, 2022 to Friday 15 July 2022 


You can find a course list and the syllabus attached.

Please kindly note that BUS230 has a writing; undergraduate, however, the course is for postgraduate.  

Syllabus might have minor changes or adjustments made if needed.    


For the further information and application, please check on the web site of Soochow University from the link below.   (Latest course list is attached here, so please kindly refer for the course selections.)


If you have any further inquiries, please kindly contact the following address.   scuip@ms.scu.edu.tw