Application materials

(1) No1_Applicant_Information_Form

(2) No2_Application_for_Research_Exchange_Student

(3) No3_Application_for_Auditing_Exchange_Student

(4) No4_Letter_of_Recommendation_from_Home_University

(5) No5_Application_for_certificate_of_eligibility

(6) No6_MuroranIT_scholarship_application_form_2020

(7) Latest Academic Transcript

(8) A Copy of Passport

(9) Photograph data

(10) TNI exchange program application form



Acceptance permission from a MuroranIT faculty member

① Access to “Database of researchers at MuroranIT” through the below URL for intended supervisor’s research field, e-mail address, etc. URL:

② Contact one of the MuroranIT faculty members in pursuit of an acceptance permission by e-mail titled “Exchange Students Applicant_####_%%university ####=your name, %%=name of your university”. In addition, please be sure to enclose the following documents as reference materials for the applicant’s intended supervisor, and ask MuroranIT faculty members to make a signature on the required application form No2 (for Research Exchange Student) or No3 (for Auditing Exchange Student), if he/she can accept you, and send it back to you in PDF file.

1. Required Application Form No1

2. Required Application Form No2 (for Research Exchange Student) or No3 (for Auditing Exchange Student)

3. Summary of bachelor’s or Master’s thesis

4. A publication list if you have Please note that applicants may change their research theme or face acceptance rejection in case there is no suitable supervisor found at MuroranIT.

NOTE: If applicants are not sure who specializes in the research field of the applicant, or if it is difficult to obtain permission from the faculty member at MuroranIT, please consult with a faculty member at MuroranIT who is in academic exchange between your university and MuroranIT.