The Graduate School of Engineering Science, which has offered a special program

tied with a government scholarship to earn a degree in English headed by

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, a world-renowned researcher in the field of robotics and AI,

since 2018, is currently accepting applications for admission in October 2023. 

Access the following URL for application guidelines and application forms.

The application period is from November 14 to November 28, 2022.


Special Training Program for Robotics Engineers for the Post-Corona Society



Application Period

November 14, 2022 ~ November 28, 2022


Application documents

Submit the necessary documents stated in the Application Guideline in PDF format via email.

Screening process

By the end of December 2022: document screening

By the end of January 2023: interview screening via Skype


Announcement of results

Early February 2023


Date of admission

October 2023


What is unique about this program

1) Applicants do not have to come to Japan for the screening process.

2) Those who are selected will be offered the MEXT Scholarship.


Where to access the Application Guideline etc.


Contact Information